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Please click on the staff lists below:

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Anderson – Head of School

Miss V Ayres – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C Codner –Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion/SENDCO

Mr J Litt – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Lydon – NVP Director of School Improvement

Mr T Mills – Associate Deputy Headteacher & Head of Sixth Form

Mr E Stevenson – Assistant Headteacher

Mr L Towers – Deputy Headteacher

Mr W Taylor – School Business Manager

Ms A Walker – Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Birkett – Executive Headteacher & CEO

Nene Valley Partnership

Mr James Birkett – Chief Executive Officer (Headteacher at Wollaston School)

Mr Wayne Taylor – Chief Financial Officer (School Business Manager at Wollaston School)

Mr Ben Stout – Trust Network Manager

Mrs Elizabeth Procter – Clerk to Trust Board

Mr Simon Bloomfield – Maths Development Leader (Teacher of Maths at Wollaston)

Mrs Shazia Lydon – Director of School Improvement

Mrs Rebecca Richardson – Writing & Presentation Lead (Teacher at Irchester Community Primary School)

Heads of Faculty / Subject Leaders

Mr T Hawkins – English
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1511

Miss R Lynch – Mathematics
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1508

Mr S Foster – Computing
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1508

Mr E Pugh – Science
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1507

Mr I Lewis – Humanities
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1515

Miss L Pickwick – Social Sciences
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1520

Miss V Ayres –Design Technology & Art
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1521

Mrs N Thomson – Head of Food             [email protected]  01933 663501 ext. 1521

Mrs H Berry – Head of Modern Foreign Languages
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1514

Ms H Seaton – Performing Arts
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1513

Mr A Bennett- Physical Education
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1510

Miss S Monsell – Head of Art
[email protected] 01933 663 501

Mr B Myers – Subject Leader: Vocational Education & Careers
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1515

Mrs C Codner / Mrs E Taylor  – Additional Needs: SENCO / Asst SENCO

[email protected]
 01933 663 501 ext. 1354

Heads of Year & Pastoral Staff

Heads of Year

Mr Rees – Year 7

[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1610

Miss M Yeoman – Year 8
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1608

Mr H Atherton – Year 9

[email protected] 01933 666221 ext. 1536

Mr J Logan – Year 10
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1537

Mr M Jackson- Year 11
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1609


Student Support Officers

Mrs A Cootes – Wellbeing & Emotional Support
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1531

Mrs K Martin – Attendance
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1539

Mrs M Ratledge – Safeguarding & Early Help
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1534

Mrs C Burgess- Behaviour – Key Stage 3
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1538

Mrs M Weir-Smith- Behaviour – Key Stage 4
[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1540

Mrs J Melia – Sixth Form Centre Manager

[email protected] 01933 663 501 ext. 1152


Additional Needs

Mrs C Codner (SENDCO) – [email protected]

Miss K Bird – Assistant SENDCO [email protected]

Mrs E Taylor (Asst. SENDCO) [email protected]

Teaching Staff


Miss S Monsell (Head of Art) – [email protected]

Mirs A Chalmers – [email protected]

Mr J King – [email protected]

Miss E Wakefield – [email protected]


Design Technology

Miss V Ayres (Head of DT & Art) – [email protected]

Miss A Chalmers – [email protected]

Mr R Hollis-Brown – [email protected]

Mrs F Scagell – [email protected]

Mrs D Whitney – [email protected]

Mrs K Worger – [email protected]

Mrs N Thomson (Head of Food) – [email protected]

Miss C Armieri – DT Technician



Miss A Bradshaw – [email protected]

Miss J Caddle-Amoah  – [email protected]

Miss S Engler – [email protected]

Mr T Hawkins – Head of Faculty – [email protected]

Ms C Hoarau (Assistant Head of English) –[email protected]

Miss J Kamen (KS3 Co-ordinator) – [email protected]

Miss P Keshvara – [email protected]

Mr J Litt – [email protected]

Mr S Mack – [email protected]

Mrs C Read – [email protected]



Mrs D Blackwood – [email protected]

Miss B Colantonio – [email protected]

Mrs M Dhami – [email protected]

Mrs M Downs – [email protected]

Miss S Green – [email protected]

Mr S Hopkins – [email protected]

Mr I Lewis (Head of Faculty) – [email protected]

Mr T Mills – [email protected]

Mr B Myers – [email protected]

Mrs R O’Neill – [email protected]

Miss L Pickwick (Head of Social Sciences) – [email protected]

Mrs C Ward – [email protected]

Miss M Yeoman – [email protected]

Miss S Green (KS3 Co-ordinator)- [email protected]



Mr S Foster (Head of Computing) – [email protected]

Miss Y Charles – [email protected]



Mr H Atherton – [email protected]

Mrs A Ayling (Asst Head of Maths / DoE Coordinator) – [email protected]

Mr S Bloomfield NVP Director of Maths- [email protected]

Mr S Braham-Nicoll (Assistant Head of Sixth Form) – [email protected]

Mr R Brodie – [email protected]

Mr M Brookes – [email protected] 

Mr S Gordon (KS5 Co-ordinator) – [email protected]

Miss R Lynch (Head of Faculty) – [email protected]

Mr P Nyarko –[email protected]

Mr E Stevenson – [email protected]


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs H Berry (Head of Faculty) – [email protected]

Miss V Leonard – [email protected]

Mrs A White (Asst Head of Faculty) – [email protected]


Performing Arts

Mrs D Alston – [email protected]

Mrs E Hollis-Brown (Head of Music) – [email protected]

Miss E McNeill – [email protected]

Mrs V Paltridge – [email protected]

Mr M Rees – [email protected]

Ms A Walker – [email protected]


Physical Education

Mr A Bennett (Head of PE Faculty) – [email protected]

Mr M Crook – [email protected]

Mr M Jackson – [email protected]

Mrs E Kaye – [email protected]

Mr J Logan – [email protected]

Miss D Olechnowicz – [email protected]

Mr O Roberts – [email protected]

Mr J Kirk PE Technician and Coach – [email protected]



Dr N Barley – [email protected]

Mr J Bodicoat – [email protected]

Mr J Cecil – [email protected]

Mr M Crook – [email protected]

Miss J Hall (Asst Head of Faculty) – [email protected]

Mrs A Hazleton – [email protected]

Mrs K Hillman – [email protected]

Mrs S Kerr – [email protected]

Mr E Pugh (Head of Faculty) – [email protected]

Mr C Sheldrick –[email protected]

Ms V Smith – [email protected]

Dr V Willliams – [email protected]


Vocational Education / Leisure & Tourism

Mr B Myers (Careers Adviser) – [email protected]

Support Staff

For all Support Staff – Learning Support please email [email protected]

Support Staff – Administration

Mr D Thompson –Junior IT Technician

Mr S Barton – IT Technician

Mrs D Punter – Librarian & Reading Intervention Manager

Mrs D Chick – Finance Assistant

Mr M Cutlack – Senior IT Technician

Mrs C Dale – HR & Operations Manager

Mrs A Davis – Display Technician

Mr K Duxbury – Finance Apprentice

Miss S Francis – Administration Officer

Mrs S Halliday – Student Services Officer

Mr T Lewis – Senior IT Technician

Miss S Mendonca – Financial Controller

Mrs Samantha Parker- Administration Assistant/ Afternoon Receptionist

Mrs L Pettman – Receptionist [AM]

Mrs S Phipps – Exams & Data Officer

Mrs K Steadman – Student Welfare Officer

Mr B Stout – Trust Network Manager

Mr W Taylor – School Business Manager

Mrs D Thacker – Exams & Data Manager

Miss A White – PA to Head of School & CEO

Miss S Woodward – Resources Administrator

Support Staff – Learning support

Mrs M Barker  – Learning Support Assistant

Miss A Barron – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Billing – Personal Carer/Learning Support Assistant

Miss K Bird – Assistant SENDCO

Mrs L Burton – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Lilibeth Darchart De Compton – SEN Technical Assistant

Mrs P Hearne – Learning Support Assistant

Mr C Holmes – Cover Manager / Homework Coordinator

Mrs J Jeffries – HLTA Sixth Form

Mrs J Lea – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C Portsmouth – Learning Support Assistant

Miss B Reid – Autism Support Assistant

Ms H Roberts – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Scott – SEN Technical Assistant

Mrs J Shelton- HLTA Maths

Ms J Sim – Learning Support Manager

Mrs E Taylor – Assistant SENDCO

Miss E Wayland – Autism Support Assistant


Support Staff – Technicians

Mrs J Best (Food Technician)

Mrs C Brown (Senior Science Technician)

Miss H Callery (Design Technician)

Mrs D Fage (Science Technician)

Miss A Mitchell (Science Technician)

Support Staff – Site /Premises Team

Mr M O’Key (Estates Manager)

Mr R Brandon (Site Agent)

Mr A Cole (Site Agent)

Mr R Austyn (Site Agent)

Support Staff –  Catering

Mr J Hole (Exec Chef)

Miss C Ansah (All Saints Primary)

Mrs K Butler (Cogenhoe Primary)

Mrs J Crisp

Mrs A Dos Santos

Mrs M Humphries

Mr M Jones

Mrs K May

Miss E Osei-Bonsu (All Saints Primary)

Mrs S Perry (Cogenhoe Primary)

Mrs M Stonard

Mrs G Walker

Mrs A White (Bozeat Primary)


Support Staff – Cleaners

Mrs J Alder

Miss M Baines

Miss Z Colbourne

Mrs L Cole

Mrs G Green

Mrs D Lack

Mrs J Lemmon

Miss M O’Neill

Mrs K Pritchard

Miss C Smith