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Sixth Form Admission Policy

Internal Students

All Year 11 students may apply for a place in the Sixth Form and all those who meet the entry requirements are accepted, provided they have shown a willingness to work and are prepared to offer a good personal example to the rest of the school.

The courses we offer should meet the academic needs of a wide range of students. We offer both academic and vocational pathways through to the next stage of employment, training or higher education.

Sixth Form study is demanding and challenging. We require a commitment to high achievement and academic success. We expect our students to organise their own programmes of work at home and during private study time in school. We require our students to make full use of the excellent facilities the Sixth Form Centre provides. Sixth Form students set standards for, and are an example to others. Therefore, it should be noted that students are expected to observe all school rules; dress should be smart and appropriate. At the start of their course, all students and their parents will be required to sign a contact of commitment to the Sixth Form.

For further information about our Sixth Form, please look under the Sixth Form tab at the top.