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Our Vision for Wollaston School

Wollaston School will be recognised for delivering ‘Excellence in Education’ and become an exceptional learning community that inspires and motivates our students to achieve. Our values of kindness, community, and ambition will be both explicit and implicit in daily life. Our staff will be experts and industry leaders, consistently implementing best practices to ensure all our students leave equipped with the skills and values to thrive in adult life. Our students will be recognised for their character, their accomplishments, and their positive impact in society.

Our Aims:

To foster the values of kindness community and ambition: we are dedicated to nurturing an environment where kindness, community spirit, and ambition are instilled in every student and every staff member, fostering a culture of high support, challenge, and aspiration.
To achieve positive outcomes for all students: we are committed to ensuring that all students leave Wollaston School having achieved positive outcomes and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in their chosen paths.

To encourage character development: We are committed to encouraging all students to develop the tools that will enable them to thrive as adults, be open to opportunity and to be able to present the best version of themselves in all situations.

To cultivate impactful leaders: We aim to develop students who not only succeed academically but also have a positive impact on their communities and wider society, becoming agents of change and leaders in their fields.

To consistently strive for excellence: we are dedicated to continuous improvement, striving for excellence in education and developing a consistency of best practice across our teaching through maintaining rigorous academic standards and expectations for student and staff conduct and a commitment to personal and professional development for both students and staff.

To ensure psychological safety: we prioritise the psychological safety and well-being of all students and staff, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to be their best selves.