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Developing Student Leadership at Wollaston School

Developing Student Leadership is a key objective at Wollaston School. We believe that when given the opportunity young people can have a profound impact on their schools. Involvement in leadership activities can improve pupils’ learning, motivation and aspirations as well as helping them to develop the skills and traits needed for success outside of the classroom.

All Wollaston School students are tasked with being ‘culture creators’ on a daily basis. This means that they actively demonstrate our values of kindness, community, and ambition through their positive attitude to school life and others within the community. The consequence of these actions is significant as their actions go above and beyond ‘acceptable’ and become ‘exceptional’. Their behaviours provide the example for other students and informally helps to lead and influence positive behaviours within the school. Students who are recognised being culture creators are recognised through the Head of School Award.

We also recognise that for many students, the desire to directly influence the development of their school is strong and the Wollaston School Leadership programme allows all students to lead on key issues within the school and local communities.

Wollaston School Leadership Programme

The Wollaston School Leadership programme will allow students to develop personally and can provide our students with a range of opportunities to develop their key employability skills such as communication, prioritisation, listening and feedback. Furthermore, Student Leaders can also have positive impact on their peer’s education, as Student Leaders will share their knowledge and experience to inspire and help others and also work towards accreditation and awards for the school.

The programme is designed to allow students to lead on an aspect of school improvement throughout the course of the year and involves the following activities:

  • Application process
  • Participation in a termly leadership conference and programme of leadership development
  • Annual student led school improvement initiative(s)
  • Half-termly leadership group sub-committee meetings

Wollaston School Leadership Sub-Committees

Student Council

In each year group school council representatives are elected every September within each form. Two students from each year group are nominated to sit on the Head Council and attend the leadership programme.

Diversity Ambassadors

Diversity ambassadors at Wollaston School work on projects around diversity, equity and inclusion ensuring that the culture at Wollaston School is equitable and inclusive and support all students to flourish and thrive in our community.

Eco Ambassadors

Eco ambassadors at Wollaston School work towards the Green Flag eco award and provides a framework that empowers Wollaston students to make a difference in the school, local community and beyond by engaging in key environmental themes in a manageable way.

Learning Ambassadors

Learning ambassadors at Wollaston School help to develop students’ understanding of learning and how to become effective learners and to support the school’s Wollaston 8 (W8) Teaching and Learning charter.

Community Ambassadors

Community ambassadors work on whole school community projects, charity, and house events throughout the school year as well as Year 6 into 7 transition. Community ambassadors will also support students in the roles of Student Librarians, Sports Leaders, and Language Leaders.

Kindness and Wellbeing Ambassadors

Kindness and Wellbeing Ambassadors work on projects in school regarding student experience. This includes support for students socially, emotionally and physically, as well as kindness projects within the community, peer mentoring and extra-curricular activities.

STEAM Ambassadors

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) Ambassadors, work on projects centred on innovation and creativity and providing opportunities for students at Wollaston School to participate in STEAM events.